The Conscious Collective is a creative coven of wonderful women who are looking to enrich their lifestyles with wisdom passion and authenticity.


We achieve this by providing our community with monthly bundles to support their journey of personal development, organise and facilitate regular social gatherings to empower our lovely ladies and use our online presence to send inspiration your way with written and visual content.

"One day or day one? You decide."


You feel as though you’re settling for mediocrity

in your relationships, your career, your daily life and know that

you deserve MORE.

You've had a dream, idea or project you’ve been wanting to get off the ground but have been stopping yourself due to insecurities, “the fear” and our friendly neighbourhood, Imposter Syndrome.

You want to

discover more about yourself and see what you’re truly capable of

but aren’t sure where to start.

That’s why The Conscious Collective has been designed and created; to offer you tools, activities and effective strategies to help you on your journey of personal development (and kicking-ass).



...providing our community with monthly themed online resource bundles with workbooks, recipes and exercises to upgrade your personal development!


...holding space with soulful sisters' circles, conscious coworking groups and nurturing networking events to give you the opportunity to connect with fellow wonderful women.


...building our online presence with inspirational content and inviting women into our free forum with empowering discussions and uplifting notes.

It's time to show up for yourself, lady.

About The


Soul sisters' (and real-life sisters!) Amelia and Gabriella started The Conscious Collective after brainstorming ways in which they could help women to gain clarity and direction on their mission of personal-development. This idea grew from their own experiences of investing themselves in self-study with online resources, meditative exercises and useful techniques to support their journey. Today, both sisters' are proud to be a work-in-progress, open to learning and adapting to the excitement and chaos that comes with their days.

They love connecting with women who are on a similar path or are hoping to join them on it, which is why it was so important to offer both a physical and digital avenue to becoming a part of their community.

Whilst Gabriella is a 29-year-old empowerment coach, holistic entrepreneur and mother to her 1-year-old son, and Amelia is a 24-year-old digital marketing consultant, podcaster and "doer of things", the two together love that their contrasts and sisterly bond can fuse together to make one unique brand and offering to the wonderful women who are ready to show up for themselves.

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