As an intuitive marketer, I do not offer rate card prices but instead, work with you, your brand and your audience in order to tailor-make the package that serves your objectives the most effectively. Below are a few of my current core packages, with each being customisable depending on what will serve you best.


Digital Done

in A Day

This offering is for the many that are wearing all the hat’s in their big-thinking business 24/7 but are hoping for someone to take the digital marketing mayhem off their back.

Outline: 7 days of engaging scheduled content across one social media channel of your choice per week, 1 effective email marketing newsletter sent to your audience per week and a fully collaborative process throughout.


The Soulful Social Startup

This package is for those of you that are ready to launch or revamp your current social media practices. Want to build aesthetic? Hoping to strategically plan your content? Aiming to become a go-to account for inspiration and insight? Then this is the bundle for you.


Outline: nine posts of original content (photos/quotes/features depending on your business style) on a social media channel of your choosing.


The Marketing Meet-Cute

When bringing your big-thinking idea to fruition, you may worry that you have to set up a ten-page website for the world to see what you’re sellin’. Really, what you need in these early stages is just a place that can simply and effectively introduce your business, communicate your brand and quickly convert your visitors into leads.


Outline: an eye-catching landing page to start or grow your mailing list (this will showcase your brand, services and contain a call-to-action), plus a ‘virtual handshake’ newsletter to introduce you to your dream clients/customers.


1:1 Conscious Consultation

If you’re in need of some direction, valuable insight or digital marketing advice, this is a great place to start.


Outline: a one-hour session answering all questions you may have regarding the digital marketing of your brand, along with your own ‘Dream Diagnostic’ (this is a Conscious Communications workbook to map out your business, get clear on its vision, dreams and goals, using writing prompts to identify the areas which need focus to kick-start your marketing upgrade)!

Need a hand with anything other than the services you see above? I love to tackle something different, so get in touch!

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