Welcome to your #ConsciouslyCleansing bundle, created to help and inspire you to nutritionally clear away what doesn't serve you! With a nourishing 21-day Smoothie Cleanse, detoxifying yoga flow, empowering Pranayama practice and so much more, this bundle is going to revitalise your energy, your diet and overall mindset.




  • A self-study workbook to complete before and after The Cleanse

  • Shopping lists, menus and recipes for your 21-day Smoothie Cleanse

  • A mood tracker to measure how you feel throughout The Conscious Cleanse

  • Detoxifying yoga flow

  • Cleansing Pranayama practice

  • Support through two Facebook Live's through our private group in the days leading up to the start of the 21-day Smoothie Cleanse (or a replay of the video via YouTube)


The benefits for taking on The Conscious Cleanse are COUNTLESS, but here are a few of our favourite:

  • Feel more energetic
  • Boost your immunity
  • Remove toxins
  • Sharpen your mental clarity
  • Find strength in your connection to your body's natural state
  • Upgrade your personal growth with self-study
  • Incorporate movement, mindfulness and a healthy diet into your lifestyle


When does it start? The Conscious Cleanse begins once your bundle is sent to you. The first two days are about completing the first pages of your workbook, checking in with our video support and buying the ingredients needed for the first week of the 21-day Smoothie Cleanse. 


How long does it last? Whilst the Smoothie Cleanse lasts 21 days, The Conscious Cleanse is a month-long bundle where you can take advantage of the resources provided to spread them across your days.


Are we only drinking smoothies for 21-days? Absolutely NOT! The smoothies are to be consumed as supplements to your daily meals. Some of the smoothies will be divided into small, shot-style servings, others will be regular sized. Please ensure that you are still eating as normal and use this cleanse as inspiration to making your meals brighter, fresher and full of goodness!


Be sure to connect with our thriving online community and hashtag #ConsciouslyCleansing when sharing your progress across your social media!


Nourish from the inside-out.

The Conscious Cleanse


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