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Currently based: Stoke-on-Trent, U.K.

Ladies, we know these times are tough, and we also know that a lot of you have been forced to work from home and are in need of a structure, some of you have lost your job and are in need of support, whilst others are understandably concerned about the global situation and are just in need of techniques to start their days on a high.


That said, we know our mornings are now more important than ever. As they say, your day is built on the first thoughts you have - so how do we make them optimistic, empowered and bright?


Join the Rise & Shine Club, a free 5-day challenge where we will be meeting each morning at dawn and exploring a range of ways to kick off our day on a productive high.


Date: Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April 2020

Time: 6:30am 'erryday!

Location: The Conscious Collective online forum


  • Day 1: Planning For Productivity, an opportunity to set our week up for success
  • Day 2: Practicing Gratitude For Greatness, a time to appreciate what we have right now before we manifest that which we want
  • Day 3: Midweek Check-In: A Coffee & A Chat, let’s meet for a morning cuppa and a catch-up - what’s working for you? What could do with a little upgrade? How are you feeling? Now is the time to share!
  • Day 4: Books To Motivate & Elevate, sometimes how we wake up can be based on what we get up to before we go to sleep. There are amazing reads out there that have truly powered through our early rises and it’s time to share ‘em!
  • Day 5: Review And Reflect, a time to look back on our week, recognise where we felt most motivated and ensure that we keep up the momentum for our future days of homeworkin’!


This is a free challenge and will take place via Facebook Live, so all you’ll need is to follow this link which will take you to The Conscious Collective online forum:


Please make sure to answer all questions required in order to gain access, whilst referencing "Rise & Shine Club" so we know what y'all are there for!


We can’t wait!

Rise & Shine Club - free challenge!