The Importance of Consciously Crafting Your Goals

Have you ever loosely set a goal with the hopes of reaching it, only to give up on working towards it after a month (max!)? Yeah, that’s happened to me all too often. Each year since I started my Broadcast Journalism degree in 2014, I remember I always wrote down “start a podcast” as one of my many unachieved New Year’s Resolutions. After deciding that that was going to be a focus for the year ahead, I would constantly find myself in a cycle of disappointment from my lack of motivation to continue working towards the goal. I would chastise myself over being a ‘giver upper-er’ (that's a word, right?) and waste much of my time thinking there was no point in trying.

It wasn’t until I got my Daily Greatness Journal as a gift from my sister for Christmas in 2018 that I started to see the importance of consciously crafting my goals for the year ahead. I learnt that in order to do ANY kind of goal-setting, it was vital to do inward work on my mindset, ask myself the all-important questions, dissect each goal until I understood what exactly it was that I wanted and essentially approach the idea as a personal project before moving ahead.

Since then, I achieved 90% of the goals I set for that particular year and felt so excited to get started on the following year where I could map out a whole new batch of aims for the 12 months that followed! Today, I am going to tell you my top five main points to consider when consciously crafting your goals...

First Thing’s First

Taking your time to pre-plan the goals you wish to set reminds you to begin at the beginning. How are you feeling at this moment? What are you grateful for having in your life at this moment? Who are you today? Reminding yourself of where you are in life sets the perfect foundations to where you wish to be headed.

Getting Clear On The ‘Why’

It’s important to not just say that you are going to accomplish a goal, but ensure that you know in your heart, soul and mind exactly why it is that you want to achieve it.

So, your goal is to earn double the amount of money you did last year? Why do you want to achieve this goal? How will it make you feel to earn that money? What will this money do for you and your lifestyle? Let yourself go down a questioning rabbit-hole until you understand your ‘why’ inside and out.

What’s Stopping You?

Now is the time to reflect on your previously set goals and why they may not have been achieved. Whether it be bad timing, lack of motivation, your heart not being in it and so on, this practice is a handy opportunity to really identify if you are setting a particular goal for the right reasons. Think about the challenges you may be faced with when pursuing this goal and explore ways in which you can overcome these throughout the process.

Take action!

Fact: without clear, actionable steps for you to commit to, there is no structure to achieving your aims. This can often be the area that people avoid the most, as it entails taking responsibility for achieving the goal - it makes it real. That being said, it doesn’t have to be a grim task to approach. The action steps don’t necessarily need to be big and bold, nor must they be small and safe, they just need to be realistic. Take your time with this one as once you have mapped out your steps, it will be time to put those dreams in motion.

Pre-planning = Proactivity

Consciously crafting your goals allows you to start from the root of an idea, rather than attempting to pick it up randomly from the middle somewhere. Once all of your inward work and mindful planning is in check, you will feel more motivated than ever to really hit the ground running! Your journey to achieving your goals will be weaved into your daily life, subtly at first, only to be a fully integrated approach over time. This process is tried and tested by the majority of the influential figures you look up to, so join the community!

At The Conscious Collective, we are so happy that we are able to offer a goal-setting bundle to those within the community, built by me and Gabriella of yoga, pilates and meditation studio Love & Light Shala. The Best Life Bundle is designed to help you to get clear on where your attention and focus should be over the next twelve months in order to support your personal growth. We will be looking at the areas of your life which need a little more TLC, identifying four major goals for your year ahead (and the energies you will need to cultivate in order to achieve them) and mapping out your inspired action steps. Grab your bundle here.

Let me know how your goal-setting is going for the year ahead, I’d love to hear from you!

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