My Digital Marketing Predictions for 2020

A very Happy New Year to everyone! I feel like it suffices to say ‘happy’ during the second week of January. All the Christmas decorations are down, we are (hopefully) no longer feeling the sting of another year over and we can finally get excited about what the next twelve months have in store.

This is not only my first blog post of 2020, but it’s my first blog post, period! If I’m honest, it’s a pretty good one to kick things off with.

Today, we’re looking at a few of my main digital marketing predictions for 2020. These are based on research, conversations with clients and my own personal thoughts. From creative ways to drive traffic to your website, to really opening yourself up to and inspiring your audience, pour yourself a brew, and let’s dive in.

Your Words Matter on Instagram

You may have seen more of your favourite-to-follow influencers, brands and even friends who have started using Instagram as not just a digital photo album, but an original mini-blog. There are activists such as Gina Martin who uses her grid to honestly and powerfully discuss sexism in our society, there’s artist Sophie Tea, who regularly shares gratitude and her creative processes with her following to sustain her Instagram-built business, there are even people you know personally that have less than 10k followers on the platform, who are using the space to talk about the environment, mindfulness, politics and more…

2020 is the time to let your voice be heard. It’s no longer just about sharing a new product or announcing the next event, people want to read WHY they should invest in you, HOW MUCH you care about not just the product or service you are offering, but the people you are selling it to, WHAT drives that fresh audience to your feed, you get the gist.

If you’d like some more insight into how to structure your written content, make it unique and drive conversations, consider a 1:1 Conscious Consultation with me where we can dive deep into this topic together!

Pinterest: Not Just a Pretty Platform

From listening to recent podcasts where this platform has been discussed, it’s become clearer than ever that Pinterest is drifting further and further away from acting as a social media channel, rather it is becoming a search engine to drive traffic to your website. Blending pin-worthy visual content with basic graphic features to send to your page, Pinterest is becoming one of the prime ways in which businesses, big and small, are converting leads into sales. There is even a whole Success Stories feature within the Pinterest for Business site, offering case studies of the marketing achievements of big names, not to mention this article about 6 small brands who are also thriving from using the platform.

This year, it is believed that businesses and individuals alike will really thrive from getting involved in Community Boards. These groups are an opportunity to network with fellow pinners, get inspired by relevant brands and also share your own content to encourage those members to visit your website. Pinterest wants users to connect more with one another, continuing to create stunning pins, optimising on the correct time to post and using the description section as effectively as ever.

If you love the idea of promoting with Pinterest but aren’t a fan of curating strategical pins for your board, then you’re in luck - as I do! Get in touch so we can discuss producing these digital assets together.

The Evolution of The Email

Since the update of the 2018 Data Protection Act changed the way in which we apply our information to different businesses, brands had to get creative in thinking of tactics to gather that email list once again. This has since led to well thought out, bespoke and exclusive email campaigns curated in order to no longer spam your inbox and instead, encourage customers to look forward to viewing what’s in their mailbox.

We are going to see a huge upgrade in the user experience for our email newsletters. From animated buttons to rollover images, user-generated content to surveys, it is time to amp up what this past couple of years have taught us about email marketing and start truly engaging our audience. It also allows space for us to get creative with how we communicate using this platform whilst remembering to use it as our lead-generating hub for all of the happenings in our big-thinking business.

If you’re someone who is worried that you have to set up a ten-page website for the world to see what you’re sellin’ when bringing your big-thinking idea to fruition, consider my Marketing Meet-Cute package which includes an eye-catching landing page to start or grow your mailing list, plus a ‘virtual handshake’ newsletter to introduce you to your dream clients or customers.

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