5 Reasons to Build A Landing Page

Whether you’ve got your website up and running or are still scratching your head with how to craft your virtual storefront (thank you, Bucketlist Bombshells, for that awesome term!), there is no escaping the fact that in order to gain and convert those lovely leads, building an effective landing page should be a priority move in your digital marketing strategy.

What is a landing page!? Simply put, it is a single page which your visitors will land on from following a link on an email, social media or wherever else that particular marketing funnel begins. Focussing on one particular goal i.e. gaining bookings for a yoga retreat or simply building your mailing list, landing pages are an opportunity to quickly convert your leads in a swift and cost-effective way. Below are my top five reasons why you should be building a landing page for your big-thinking business TODAY.

It will generate leads

How often do you tell people about your services online and direct them straight to your beautiful website with tonnes of pages and various call-to-actions scattered around? Putting yourself in the mindset of that client or customer, 90% of the time they will have to navigate your website themselves, searching for where you want them to land in the hopes that they will reach the right virtual destination. The intention of a landing page is to make it simple for your potential customer or client to find your campaign, sign up to it and achieve your overall goal with as little effort as possible. Landing pages are a quick-fire way to generate these leads with a unique goal in mind.

It’s cost-effective

Landing pages may take time to produce, but the beauty of that is: once it’s done, it’s done! From then, you can share your landing across various social media channels during a particular campaign without having to invest in paid advertising, as well as sharing in any groups, emails or messages to those that may benefit from what you’re selling! AND, by investing your time in this marketing tool, you are amplifying your chances of your people investing in YOU.

It eliminates distractions

Taking away the various elements that make up your website, your landing page offers you the opportunity to really focus your visitor’s attention on what matters at that moment. For example, let’s say that you’re a mindful-living life coach who offers three different types of programs to your community:

1. Decluttering Your Home to Declutter Your Mind

2. Finding Calm in the Busiest of Times

3. Reconnecting With Nature to Reconnect With Ourselves

You have just launched your third program and want people to learn more and invest in it, but when people go to your website they see that you have two other offerings, an insightful blog, an Instagram feed with gorgeous photos, a subscribe button… Before you know it, they’ve spent so long navigating your site that they’ve forgotten the reason they landed on it in the first place! Your landing page sets a clear intention of where you want that particular visitor to be at. If they want to see your website afterwards, handy links will help and your lead will find them!

It will build that all-important email list

I will go into the effectiveness of constantly working to build your email list in another post, but if you’re looking for one active way to start gathering those contacts, enter landing page! Whilst you should be regularly including a call-to-action to direct your visitors to the next part of your marketing funnel i.e. booking your retreat, buying your wellness kit or starting a membership, inviting your leads to sign up to your mailing list is just as important. This will mean that future offers can be sent directly to those new leads as well as using the data to track the success of your campaign. Email marketing has become one of the most valuable ways to convert your audience into paying customers or clients so do not miss the opportunity to use your landing page to grow that list.

It’s an opportunity to make yourself visible to a new audience

Whilst I know you value and appreciate your current followers who have joined you on your journey thus far, wouldn’t you love the opportunity to reach new leads? Creating a landing page offers you the freedom to reintroduce yourself to the world whilst showcasing your awesome new product or service. This goes hand in hand with simply being able to share the link to your page across many platforms and attracting those visitors. When planning your landing page (which I recommend sketching out beforehand) imagine that it’s the first time that someone is discovering what you do. Weave your brand throughout the entire page so that visitors get a sense of who you are, what you can do and why they should invest.

So, as you can see, building a landing page is pretty darn important. That being said, the most important thing to remember is to have fun with it! All to often we get bogged down with the idea that is has to be perfect, but use this opportunity to get creative with your communications; experiment with varying lengths of pages (I have seen and built landing pages with a 5-minute reading length to 15 minutes, both of which have had just as strong success rates), different copy for your call-to-action and varied templates to see which was most effective with your audience.

If you’re feeling inspired to take action with this effective marketing tool, I offer a package which includes the building of one landing page for your business along with a “virtual handshake” newsletter for your audience. Get in touch for more info.

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